Gorilla BC becomes partner of Urban Attack - the UKs biggest Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle Racing (OCR) is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, in the USA OCR total participation numbers have now overtaken running and the UK is quickly following suit.   


Urban Attack stands out in this exciting era of the sport and for good reason – they are not only the UK’s Biggest Indoor Obstacle Race but introduced the world’s first OCR knockout tournament.  Rather than racing A – B participants compete in multiple shorter, super faster races with qualification heats, quarters, semis and finals.   This makes their racing very exciting to watch and super competitive to race in.


Urban Attack attracted a lot of attention in their debut year and are continuing to storm ahead with new venues and format developments. For example they have recently announced the World’s first OCR relay race which will take place at their next event in December.


In an Urban Attack event, racers are in plain view battling start to finish in gladiatorial arenas where spectators and cameras can uniquely capture all the action.   They have some of the world’s best flying in to compete alongside UK’s elites as well as the regular OCR enthusiasts and have a go die-hards.  The cheering crowds, live music and gladiatorial arenas make for a very special racing experience like no other out there.  


Urban Attack event cameras and presenters broadcast live to the internet reaching thousands of enthusiasts and race followers, friends and family of racers can watch from the comfort of their home.​


For more information visit Urban Attack Website



Public sector gyms are a serious challenger to the budget gym model

Gorilla bc Director Callum Irving was interviewed by the Fitness Network on the role of public sector and leisure trusts in the modern gym market


Full Interview


Gorilla bc announce partnership with Bradford Bulls Foundation

Gorilla bc are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Bradford Bulls Foundation, the foundation of Bradford Bulls Rugby League Club.


The partnership will be focused on developing research, insights, partnerships and strategies around the foundation’s work across the physical activity and health sectors.


The partnership will also aim to ensure any direct intervention work undertaken is both grounded in local insight but also is delivered in a relevant way.


Creative Director Callum Irving commented: ‘This is a huge opportunity for our young company to partner with the Bulls Foundation which is a huge brand that people have an emotional attachment with’


‘The Bulls Foundation are an organisation with a superb track record and have embraced our creative approach to what are huge challenges facing the sector, they have provided a high level of expertise and a strong level of challenge and feedback which will only mean good things for our collaborative work’


Mark Winder General Manager of the Bulls Foundation commented: ‘Physical Activity is a major pillar of our work as a registered charity. We are committed to getting more people in Bradford Physically Active. It is well documented that this is a local priority with Bradford having some of the starkest examples of health inequalities in the UK. Bradford has a higher proportion of the population that is wholly inactive than most equivalent cities and towns in the UK. We have the highest projected population growth in the UK in the next 10 years.

Despite excellent facilities and a huge amount of work, the proportion of people doing sport and physical activity in Bradford has flat-lined in recent years. We wish to help reverse this trend and the work being carried out by Gorilla can only help us achieve this. We will demonstrate the fact that we are a valid proposition to people to invest in to make Bradford a Healthier, more active place to live.’


For more information about Bradford Bulls Foundation visit www.bullsfoundation.org or follow on twitter @Bullsfoundation

Gorilla BC signs partnership with Leeds Rugby Foundation

Leeds Rugby Foundation is delighted to announce a partnership with Gorilla bc ltd – a behaviour change and campaigns agency working across the sport and physical activity industry.


Gorilla bc will work with the Leeds Rugby Foundation on its physical activity and health agendas. The focus of the partnership will be to ensure the programmes, projects and campaigns delivered by the foundation are designed on the back of robust insight.


Creative Director Callum Irving commented: ‘As a young company working in this sector we are thrilled to be able to partner and work alongside such an influential organisation as the Leeds Rugby Foundation’


Adding ‘It has been great to see the enthusiasm with which the staff at the foundation have reacted to our involvement so far and we feel that together we can make a huge difference across communities in Leeds’


Davide Longo, General Manager at Leeds Rugby Foundation commented: ‘I am thrilled to be partnering with Gorilla bc as they challenge existing thinking and look at everyday delivery in a different way.


‘The partnership will enable Leeds Rugby Foundation and Gorilla bc to deliver programmes, projects and campaigns and be able to engage with people in a way that is relevant to them.’


For more information about Gorilla bc please visit: www.gorillabc.com

For more information on Leeds Rugby Foundation visit www.leedsrugbyfoundation.org






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